Why do Interviewers care so much about Algorithm and Data Structures?


Data Structures and Algorithms are one of the most important skills that every computer science student must-have.

It is often seen that people with good knowledge of these technologies are better programmers than others.

These skills not only help a student in getting a highly-paid job but helps him to sustain in this ever-growing software industry.

1 Data Structures reflects the problem-solving ability of the candidate, either he can solve the problem or he can’t.

2 -Questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms can be scaled up or down according to the knowledge level of the candidate.
-This means that a variety of candidates can be tested using roughly the same problems.

3 Data structures and algorithms are used to test the analytical thinking of the candidate, how he inculcates the best algorithm that fits into the given case.

4 Data Structures and Algorithms are the fundamentals of Software Development.
-They remain the same no matter what new technology is used and that puts the focus on the problem rather than the technology in the interview process.

Recap :

1. Problem Solving Ability
2. Scale up and down problems
3. Analytical Thinking
4. Fundamentals of Software




Data Engineer| Data Analyst | Python Developer | Linkedin : https://linkedin.com/in/leader21/

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Data Engineer| Data Analyst | Python Developer | Linkedin : https://linkedin.com/in/leader21/

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